Simple Exercises for a Quick Workout in Hotel Rooms

Getting some workout done when traveling does not have to be tied with access to a gym or fitness center. With so many exercises and physical activities to choose from, you can enjoy a good workout even in the confines of your hotel room. Here are some of the most reliable exercises you can do even in small spaces.

1. Jumping jacks. Jumping jacks are among the no-equipment and no-special space requirement exercises that not many people do. It is a good warm-up activity or an excellent addition to a high intensity interval training (HIIT). The jumping jack can be both an aerobic and strengthening exercise. You can easily tweak it to integrate into your fitness routine or meet your workout goals.

2. Plank. The plan can be a good core workout. It also helps in strengthening lower and upper body muscles. Plank exercises enhance abdominal strength used to stabilize the body while holding the position. You can modify the level of intensity by doing side planks and incorporating it with other workouts like push-ups.

3. Push-ups. The push-up, if done correctly, conditions the upper body especially the chest and triceps. It can also strengthen core muscles. It is a good resistance training even for the busiest business travelers since it does not require any equipment or big space to do. There are also different ways to do push-ups depending on your strength and fitness level. You can start with incline or knee push-ups and progress to full body push-ups once you begin to get the hang of it. There are several high-intensity interval training programs that mix push-ups with other bodyweight exercises.

4. Squats. This exercise is a good strength and conditioning exercise that targets your lower body. If done correctly, it works on your quadriceps, hamstring, and calves. It is a great way to exercise your leg muscles. There are many variations of bodyweight squats that you can do to meet your workout requirements. You can focus on increasing the number of sets and repetitions or make it time-based depending on your preference.